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Snorkel Tours

Due to the warm Gulf Stream the underwaterworld Madeira offers a huge diversity of species. During the snorkel tours, you can admire parrots, trumpets, puffer fish, tube nymphs, gold strings, octopus, manta rays and grouper. Most species are not shy and make people very close to themselves.

If you want to see more of the fantastic underwater world of Madeira you can also book a Discover Scuba Diving or an Open Water Divers Course with this diving bases.


Personen: Leistung: Preis:
Person Snorkel-Tour Reis Magos 35,- Euro
Person Snorkel-Tour Calheta 30,- Euro
  • Incl. mask, fins, snorkel and if necassary suit

Diving base Reis Magos (Caniço de Baixo):

The diving center in Reis Magos (Caniço de Baixo) a small family business, which offers individual support under the motto "relaxed diving and no mass handling". The diving base has already been awarded twice as "Best diving base in the Atlantic".

It is located on the promenade of Reis Magos directly at the underwater national park. It is not connected to any hotel and is pubicly accessible and therefore also ideal for family members who do not want to go snorkeling. Along the 700m long promenade are 8 versatile dive sites with max. 29meters.

  • Daily with exeption of Sunday at 11:15a.m. and 03:15p.m.
  • Duration: ca. 0,5 hours
  • Directly from the shore
  • Price: 35,- Euro 


Diving base Calheta

This diving school is situated in the sunny south west of Madeira, directly on the golden sand beach of Calheta. The beach offers a perfect entry into the sea. Many of the more than 25 diving spots in this area also reached  after a short boat trip. The well-preserved wreck of the "Bom Rei" is a special dive site. In the summer months the sighting of hammerhead sharks is possible.

In addition to the diving spots in the south-west of the island, the diving school also offers trips to the underwater nature reserve of Garajau. This diving base is ideal for parents with children who have the best access to the sea. In Calheta there are 2 hotels, several restaurants and a marina, so that you can enjoy the holidays next to the diving. 

For the snorkeling tour, the boat is driven out into the sea, since there is a greater diversity of species here than in direct proximity to the beach.

  • Daily
  • Duration: ca. 1 hours
  • Including boat trip
  • Price: 30,- Euro 


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