Fishing Machico


Spearfishing has had a great tradition in Portugal since the early 1950s. Since 1953, this type of fishing has been recognized as a scuba diving discipline. The waters around Madeira, with its pleasant 18 - 25 degrees water temperature and great biodiversity, provide the ideal conditions for this "underwater hunt".


Person: Service: Price:
1 Person 3,5 hours 125,- Euro/Person
From 2 Persons 3,5 hours 100 ,-Euro/Person
1 Person 5 hours 180,- Euro/Person
From 2 Persons 5 hours 150,- Euro/Person
  • Every day
  • Departure: from Machico, if available, also from other ports
  • Incl. Equipment and assistance
  • Required: Good swimming skills

Catch fish in one of the oldest species in the world with a spear or a harpoon. On the hunt for the fish you will experience a unique underwater world.

From Machico the journey continues along the south coast with stops at the best hunting grounds for spearfishing.

You can either participate in a ride with other spear fishermen or charter the boat. In addition to all the equipment you will also get detailed instructions and assistance from experienced underwater hunters, so that this sport is suitable even for complete beginners in this type of fishing.

Participation in a 3.5-hour drive:

When booking from one person: € 125, - / person

When booking two or more people: € 100, - / person


Participation in a 5-hour drive:

When booking from one person: € 180, - / person

When booking two or more people: € 150, - / person


Price for charter on request.


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